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~Marilyn Spanier ~

   NYC Hypnotherapist  



                         Helping you make the changes you desire!


advantages and disadvantages of hypnotherapy

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EFT Tapping

                  Marilyn Spanier - Hypnotherapist & Life Coach

My Hypnosis practice offers you a selection of services to suit your individual needs and preferences. Together, we will focus on issues you wish to address, helping you achieve the change you desire. The Hypnosis services I offer, all of which are completely noninvasive, include: 

Clinical Hypnosis: Includes analysis to pinpoint a problem and suggestion therapy to modify behavior as needed. Focuses your mind on obtaining the results you want.

NLP  (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Uses mental and cognitive processes to address behavior and create new models of perception. Helps you eliminate ineffective behaviors and patterns and adopt new strategies for success.

EFT  tapping  (Emotional Freedom Technique): Balances the body’s energy field to release stored negative emotions and achieve emotional freedom. Effective in relieving symptoms from many conditions.

Self-Hypnosis: I’ll teach you self-hypnosis techniques you can use anywhere!

Past Life Regression Therapy Hypnosis: Guided Past Life Regression Therapy available. Discover your past lives. Heal issues that may have been repeated through each life. For people who do not believe in past lives, Past Life Regression Therapy is still quite helpful. Whatever you uncover during the therapy comes from your unconscious mind which is giving you insight  into what you need to help you heal a particular issue. 

Guided Imagery Relaxation Hypnosis: Utilizes mental guided imagery to achieve stress reduction, improved wellbeing, and greater relaxation, among other goals.


Hypnosis Treatments Available

Hypnotherapy can successfully address a wide range of conditions

Anxiety Disorders
Smoking Cessation
Weight Control 
Sleep Disorders 

Grief & Loss
Eating Disorders
Chronic Conditions
Pre- and Post-Operative

Learning Disorders
Goal Setting
Self Improvement


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