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Congratulations Shannon on twelve years of not biting your nails! 

From My Clients
[Nail Biting Cessation]
"Hypnotist, Marilyn Spanier helped me break a lifelong bad habit in a single session! I never really thought hypnosis could work, but was willing to try. Due to that willingness, and Marilyn's assistance, I haven't bitten my nails since the session. The session itself was very relaxed and even fun. I have another habit I may try to break and when I am ready I will be back to Marilyn. She's amazing."      Shannon Grommes, New York City  
"I'm sure there are people who might doubt the effectiveness of hypnosis.  I was a sceptic in a lot of pain from Fibromyalgia.  My hands, wrists and arms felt as if a torch was held against my skin and there was underlying pain.  Thinking I had nothing to lose I decided to try hypnosis in the hope of maybe, just maybe it might work.  Well it did!!  You provided a session that was very relaxing and slowly I felt the fire subside from my skin.  It's been a few weeks now and I am happy to tell you that the heat sensation and pain of the Fibromyalgia has not returned.  I am totally astonished by the outcome of our session.  You've managed to do what medicines, supplements and other treatments could not achieve.  Thank you. "         P.C. Rivera, Staten Island, New York
[Speech Anxiety]
"I had to give a speech at a business meeting. There were several hundred people at the meeting. In the past I was always afraid of public speaking. Marilyn Spanier helped me with confidence and I gave an awesome speech. I am now looking forward to more opportunities to speak, thanks to Ms. Spanier.  She also has a very pleasant sounding voice and the session was comfortable and lots of fun."     Jay Roberts, New York
[Thumb Sucking]
"Thanks to you, I no longer suck my thumb in my sleep. Thank you so much. Ruthie G."   NYC

[Confidence, Fulfilling Dreams & Achievement of a Goal]

"The expected results were immediate. I feel much more confident. The renewed power within me allows me now to act on achieving my long desired dreams that have been on the backburner for too long. Thank you! The wealth of information you have imparted to me is so easy to remember and access. I can put it to immediate use. Thank you."                                    Adriana T.- Queens, New York

UPDATE (10 months after the session)

"Hello Marilyn,    You worked with me through hypnotherapy and EFT and helped me release the fear of living my purpose.  Well, I’m climbing that mountain towards my goal and on the way there, I’m holding some workshops. I’m holding a mind/body detox mini-workshop with two seasoned mind/body teachers and authors this upcoming Tuesday.         Great day to you,  Adriana T.- Queens, New York" 




[Smoking Cessation]
"I’ve been smoking for 16 years (sometimes chain smoking).  I’ve been wanting to quit smoking for awhile, but felt like it was impossible.  My friends convinced me to purchase this Amazon deal for hypnosis and promised to pay me back just to try a different approach to quitting.  I agreed thinking it didn’t hurt to try even if I didn’t expect it to help.  Today, I am a NON smoker.  Marilyn, Thank you! My friends and I are impressed with how you’ve helped!"   Jasmine L, NJ

"I am pleased to report that I am completely cured! I haven't had the desire to pull my hair since our session. I remember the day after, sitting at work, and feeling that desire come on, and the very strange pressure that was keeping my hand away. After the great success of this one, I've been thinking about booking another session soon to work out some other issues."  Zachary S,  New York

[Wine Cessation]
"I have been much better than ever before and feel very inspired by what you do. I have your words on my door. How much do you charge for follow-up sessions? There are things I would like to work on . I am very grateful for your treatment and insight. Thank you."  Anna M,  New York  

[Smoking Cessation]
 "I hope that this e-mail finds you well. On my side, I am still happily a non-smoker, working out every day and focusing on loosing weight ! :-)  Thank you again for helping me through this seminal time in my life and making it the easiest smoking cessation ever! Having tried and failed several times in the past to get rid of my 30-year smoking habit, I had almost given up on the idea until meeting you. Your self relaxation techniques were tremendously helpful and I continue to use them to this day in any stressful situation." J. Carter, New York City

[Test Anxiety]
I want to report that the morning of the test I have never felt so calm (and this is my third year taking the test!). Although I was definitely nervous, I walked to work and waited to take the test without the normal jitters and anxiety that I have felt in the past, even before I had all the reasons for having such strong test anxiety.   I used our exercises any time I started to feel overwhelmed and do feel like they helped tremendously.  Thank you SO MUCH!
My co-workers and I sat down and remembered approximately 240 of the 250 questions from the test, and if things go as they seem, I think I did pretty well. But I will keep you posted once I receive the actual score. Either way, I appreciate all of your help and willingness to work with me.  You were so gracious and just a calming presence, and I very much enjoyed our session.  I will have the board examination coming up in July, so you may be hearing from me again very soon!    J.V., New York City

[Stress, Anxiety & Difficulty Sleeping]
"I have been experiencing extreme stress and anxiety for the past several years. It's been so bad that I also began to have trouble sleeping. I was afraid that I would cause myself ill health if I didn't get immediate help for my extreme stress and anxiety. I checked online and found Integrative Change Hypnosis. The Integrative Change Hypnosis, hypnotherapist, Marilyn Spanier, is a godsend. In our one session, she taught me many techniques as well as giving me a great trance. She taught me some interesting NLP (I think that's what it's called) techniques as well as an EFT tapping technique and they helped me tremendously. Her trance was so, so relaxing and I felt immediately better the moment the session was over. I thought that maybe I was feeling better because of the relaxing trance, but it is now a couple of months later and I am a different person. I sleep soundly through the night and I am not stressed or anxious anymore. When I first went in for the session, I was very nervous because I never had hypnosis before, but Marilyn immediately put me at ease. She is very kind and nurturing and after a couple of minutes I felt like I knew her a long time, even though we had only just met. I have no idea why hypnosis works, but I thank God that I found Marilyn when I did. She is truly a gifted hypnotherapist. I highly recommend her. If I have any other problems I will most certainly call her again. She's fantastic."  M.M.I., N.Y.                              

[Negativity, Self Esteem & More]
"Dear Marilyn, 
My week has been interesting. Just after leaving the session, I felt very calm, and drained, like I was very physically tired, so I took it pretty slow the rest of the day. I have been feeling lighter and most importantly making the negativity less important and more silly. I AM doing the funny voices technique you showed me, which helps me get over myself a little. Another thing that has happened, is that I try to embrace and befriend women more. I smile at them on the subway or I am thinking positive things rather then negative. THIS IS GReAT!
 I have given myself a little break when I work a long day.  Now, I don't have to get a workout in that will sabotage my rest and restoring process. My week has been very, very busy, in 4 days I worked more then 50 hrs, so I was afraid that the session would be washed away. but I was still feeling sane and ok by Sunday. Point is that I feel more love for myself now. This week I've been lighter. People have even told me I look lighter so I guess it is shining thru. 
 I would love to continue with another session. I feel this has just been the jumpstart. I'm not sure if only one session of one hour is enough. I want to thank you for your help so far. Right now the changes are very subtle but THEY ARE THERE and I smile when writing this! Thank you so much. A. B. B'klyn, New York"


 [Past Life Regression Therapy]
Having tried traditional therapy methods, I was looking for something outside the box that might offer insight and help me understand some of the habits I have, help me with interpersonal relationships, and help me improve coping with life and related stressors.  I was also very interested in the experience of hypnosis and what it had to offer.  Going into it, I had an open mind and was willing to try whatever the sessions entailed. I kept this approach to get the most from the experience.  

I was a bit nervous and did not know what to expect but Marilyn was WONDERFUL!  Such a kind spirit and so empathetic.  Her skill as a hypnotist was paramount in the effectiveness of the sessions. I will first say I appreciated her approach to having you fill out information prior to the session.  She really learned about me and tailored things to my needs and made the connections to what she was teaching very, very personal.  In addition to hypnosis, she uses and teaches a variety of techniques for managing anxiety, changing self talk, using visualization.  I found that I was able to take away what she taught me and practice on my own to find what worked best for me on a regular basis. She provided handouts to review afterward which was very helpful in revisiting and understanding the techniques more effectively.  The hypnosis sessions themselves were an interesting exploration of self.  Marilyn was a great guide and really helped to make the sessions as personal and insightful as possible.  It was very interesting to explore the subconscious mind and thoughts while hypnotized and I found it far more effective in a much shorter period of time than traditional talk therapy.  We did some past life regression which was very interesting and insighful.  By addressing some of those images/memories, I was able to see relief from a feeling of being "stuck" and from general aches and pains I had been experiencing for some time.  (Bring a warm sweater or blanket so you are most comfortable during the session)  We also had a healing session which was out of this world.  She used guided imagery, positive reinforcement, visualization and suggestion to create a sense of worth, well-being, calm, and confidence that I never would have thought possible in such a short period of time.  She was instrumental in the mental "reprogramming" I needed.  Overall, I would really recommend Marilyn.  I would suggest that anyone willing to explore their mind to improve their quality of life contact Marilyn.  She is great guide!" Jennifer S., VA
I am happy to have anyone contact me via email if they would like a reference or information about what it was like to undergo hypnosis for the first time. 

[Past Life Regression Therapy]
Marilyn was absolutely wonderful! She helped me overcome so many of my issues that I wasn't ready to deal with on my own. Turns out I had been dealing with issues/emotions that were beyond my own. Thank you so much for helping me! B.F., Rye, New York

[Compliments from a wonderful Hypnotist]
"I have had the opportunity to study and work with Marilyn as a hypnotist and NLP practitioner. She brings an energy and insight to her practice. She is creative and warm with her fellow students and clients. If you are looking for a uplifting and change experience then Marilyn is the one for you."                                                                  Mercedes Herman  Integrative Life Coach/Hypnotist/NLP Trainer - New York City


  [Past Life Regression Therapy & Live Between Life Regression Therapy]  
 Something to share with you .... after having a wonderful session with you. Very inspirational and I want to say that your caring nature really shines through as you really went above and beyond and have spent so much time on me with e-mails and chatting. I really recognize that and appreciate it - in a city where I think people don't often care (or are too busy too?) and it is great to know there are people like you around.    Craig, Queens, New York


[Self Esteem, Anxiety & More]
 Hi Marilyn, 
 I can't begin to thank you enough on helping me with my deepest insecurities. I still hear talks at work but they are very mild now and I imagine those "puppet voices" speaking lol. I am more aware of who I am and where I am going now and for that I want to thank you in assisting me to find my truth. I practice the EFT tapping everyday at work! I remember some of the phrases you said during the session but not all. I'll continue to practice them and ingrave them in my mind. I also carry the sheet that says 'Think about & repeat throughout the day.' I read it over constantly throughout the day. I want to practice the self-hypnosis this weekend to see what I can come up with. I have practiced the technique where you block the world here at work. I am so glad to have met you, you are a wonderful human being! Thank you again and we'll speak soon.  Kindest Regards,  EB, Queens, New York

"Thank you. Like I said, you are very good at putting into words how I feel and I'm starting to see a positive shift in my mood since I'm doing the EFT Tapping."  Patrick C., New York City

YELP 5 Star Review *****
[Session to rid the body of Fibroids     (using Past Life Regression Therapy]
"This woman is such a wonderfully angelic spirit! I went in to have a past life regression session with Marilyn over the summer. Before coming into her office we spoke on the phone very briefly about my main concerns. One of which was my diagnosis of fibroid tumors. The session its self was wonderful, similar to that of a spa visit. Not only that I can't put enough emphasis on Marilyn's energy, which is something so sweet, pure and confident. I have been wanting to tell you fellow Yelpers about her but I wanted to have some concrete evidence for you to have no question as to her capabilities. After my session I scheduled an appointment with my OB/GYN. I just had my appointment yesterday and originally had been diagnosed with have 22+ fibroids with one of them being a little over ten centimeters the rest were the size of strawberries. Yesterday all of the little ones were completely gone and the large on shrunk almost 6 centimeters!!!! It had gone from the size of a cantaloupe to the size of a tennis ball. Not only have I had major improvements with my health but in every other area of my life where I had asked for her assistance. I mention all of this to say that if you are in any way considering reaching out for help with getting from where you are to where you want to be I HIGHLY recommend you go see Marilyn as soon as humanly possible. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH MARILYN FOR YOUR TIME, DEDICATION, ADVICE, AND ENERGY, YOUR THE BEST!!!!!" A.S., Jersey City, NJ

[Test Anxiety, Confidence & Calming]
Hi Marilyn,     Good news...I passed the exam!!!!  Woohoo!!!    Thanks for helping me build my confidence and calming skills.     Best wishes,   A.M.,  New York City

[Smoking Cessation with renewed health and energy]
I'm experiencing such a surreal overwhelming "being".... it's the best way I can describe it.  I am feeling completely confident, relaxed and definitely knowing I am a nonsmoker (like I never was). I don't even like referring to it.   I feel healthy and strong and that's all I want to think about.

Since our session I have woken up early every morning with abundant energy.... have ran every morning since.  I am confident that I will remain in this frame of mind.   Thank you so much for listening to everything I had to say (really listening) and most of all thank you for breaking the spell I was under.  I am finally awake! S.P.,  New York City

Happy New Year and thank you for everything, there have been some positive changes lately, I feel more at peace about saying goodbye to her, still not 100 percent easy but I know she's at peace and that we had a great connection with each other, and we still can have that now, I will keep you posted. P.C.,  New York

Integrative Change Hypnosis really changed my life. Thank you Marilyn. I have always been a nervous person, but the last year or so I've been extremely nervous and anxious. After one session with Marilyn, my life has calmed down. Of course, I practice the techniqes she tought me, but even when I don't I am so, so much calmer now after my session with Marilyn. She is the best hypnotist in NYC, that's for sure. I highly recommend her. She's also very nice. She's just the best. PA, B'klyn, NY

[Extreme fears, worry and health concerns]
So nice of you to check in with me :) I'm doing well. Better than I've been in a long, long time. I am now focusing on being happy. Our session made me realize that worry just isn't a fun way to live :) Working with you definitely helped me... a lot. I hope you're well, too!  M.R., NY

[Extreme Anxiety & OCD, Fear of having a relationship, etc.]
Thank you so much for devoting so much  time and care to me today! After our session, I spent a wonderful day with a friend! Even though I felt a little anxiety, they were intermingled with many moments of peace and confidence. They came in waves. As soon as I walked out  the door after our session, I felt so much more grounded. I will let you know how I  feel in the following days. A funny thing is that for the  first time in a long time, I met someone I liked. I met this guy with an  amazing energy. While talking to him, I could feel how profound he was and instantly felt safe and my fears about  men disappeared...I don't know if I am going to see him again but the session gave me confidence and hope and made me  believe I can be with someone and feel protected. As for our  next session, maybe we could meet next week, as I will be  away the following two weeks.  Hugs and love, G.M. Bk'lyn, NY


[High Anxiety and Stress]
It was a terrific session. I'm letting it settle in for a bit and revisiting the different methods, which I've already utilized. An amazing outcome in just such a short time, I am going to work to make sure it sticks. I wish you were a little closer. Suzanne A., Carmel, NY

8/17/2016 - YELP 5 Star Review *****
[Past LIfe Regression Therapy}
My name is Karine, and I would love to post my experience with Marilyn. I do not often write reviews as you can see. However when the business or service is exceptional and beyond expectations, I try to write a few words. 
Years ago I was put under hypnosis in order to try to stop smoking. The session was very good and it worked. However I never felt strongly that I was Deeply hypnotized :-) if that makes any sense. :-)

I still felt hypnosis was the right treatment for some of my issues. So a few weeks ago, when I felt it was time to take action to heal certain post high stress reactions I sadly developed along the years, I contacted Marilyn after researching a few places on yelp.

Marilyn answered my call with the outmost patience, kindness, and asked many questions. She listen to my story, and my concerns. She was wonderful to talk with. I already felt then she was the right choice.

She then sent me a form questionnaire to fill out to help her set up the right session for me. 

While talking with her, and reading some info on her site , I decided to start with a past lives regression. 
I was very curious and interested to try however I never expected what came next. 

Marilyn started with a long relaxation Session that lasted I am guessing about 45 minutes. During that time I felt very conscious, wonderfully calm. 

however I was still able to think quite clearly, and I must admit was not sure I was going to experience anything else than a very relaxing state with positive suggestions that would help me on my day-to-day life. At a certain point Marilyn pronounced some words that we had together preplanned. This is when my entire session changed.

I would not be able to write the exact experiences, as I do not recall everything, and it is very personal. However, I can assure you, that I have to my greatest surprise, re lived some parts of my past lives! If you ever had dreams in your life when the dream is so vivid you wake up not knowing if it was real or not! Was it really? How come you feel so sad after A sad dream with no reason in your current awake life to be sad? 
The dream is not real but feels like you just lived it. 

This is what happened to me it feels like dreaming so strongly, you can see everything feel everything here everything.

My experience was Marilyn has been wonderful. It opened my eyes to possibilities that I never could imagine. 
In the last two weeks, I have noticed great changes in my personality. For example, I am and hyper emotional person and cry very often. I have not cried since our last session! I can handle conflict, in my relationship, with calm. 

I will soon return to tackle more aspects that need attention soon. 

I am really positive about my future years now. I feel I have found my tactical partner who will guide me out of my clouded mind and start looking at life with fresh eyes and a clear mind - free of stress and toxic stress.           Karin -  NY

[OCD, Low self-esteem & Unrelenting Negative thoughts
Thank you so much for your help. I'm feeling better. Sorry for the late reply.  I'll keep practicing what you told me and get back to you. Thanks again for your help.  R.H. Queens, NY

[Releasing anger, anxiety & negative feelings & Increasing self-esteem]                                                                                                                            Hi Marilyn, I just wanted to thank you for the great session you gave me. I feel so much better and have taken to the EFT technique, using it several times a day. I have noticed that the issues I am tapping for are easing and plan to use it as often as I can, especially when I am feeling negative energy. I really want to make positive changes in my life and feel this is the most promising therapy I have had for my issues. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on how I'm doing. Best, MD, NYC


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